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25 Short Haircuts for Thick Hair to Boost Your Charm

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When it comes to hair, it’s a personal journey for everyone, and as a hairstylist, I’ve had the privilege to be part of so many of those stories. I’ve worked with countless heads of thick hair and experimented with various short styles. Trust me when I say thick hair can be both a canvas of opportunity and a tangle of challenges. So, let’s dive into some pro insights on the subject.

Decoding Thick Hair

First, let’s unpack what it really means to have thick hair.

Characteristics of Thick Hair:

  • Volume Overload: A high strand count means a lot of body, which is fantastic for many hairstyles but can feel like a lot to handle.
  • Drying Time: It’s no joke; the more hair you have, the longer it takes to dry. It’s just the math of it.
  • Prone to Frizz: Humidity isn’t always a thick-haired gal’s friend, leading to unexpected volume in unwanted ways.
  • Styling Challenges: That heaviness? It’s real. Going for sleek looks requires a bit more arm muscle and product.
Fun Fact: Did you know that hair density can be affected by factors such as genetics, hormones, and age?

Making Thick Hair Work For You:

  • Chop it Off: Regular trims can help manage the bulk. As someone who’s shaped so many thick manes, I always advocate for haircuts that complement the individual’s face and hair texture.
  • Product Power: Specific products are designed to tame, treat, and triumph over thick hair challenges. Volumizing products, for instance, are not always your friend.
  • Embrace What Mama Gave Ya: Celebrate that natural texture. You’d be surprised how many styles thick hair naturally settles into when you just let it be.
  • Protect from Heat: Always, always, always use a heat protectant. It’s like sunscreen for your hair, especially when using heated tools.
  • Wash Wisely: Over-washing strips essential oils. Depending on your lifestyle, adjust your hair washing routine to retain those natural juices that make your hair shine.

Show-Stopping Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

Oh, the joys of cutting thick hair into shorter styles! I’ve been there, scissors in hand, making that transformative snip. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Pixie Cut: An all-time classic, it’s minimalistic yet full of personality. Think of it as the little black dress of haircuts. Pro-tip: Opt for a textured top for that extra oomph.
  • Bob Haircut: This universal style is every hairstylist’s canvas. Whether blunt or layered, it’s a versatile choice for thick hair. I’ve often added bangs to frame a face perfectly.
  • Lob Haircut: Think of it as Bob’s older sister. Just a tad longer, it offers the charm of short hair without going too extreme.
  • Undercut Bob: This is for the brave hearts out there. It’s a statement, and I’ve had the pleasure to craft this on many who love to stand out. That undercut is pure edgy art.

In summary, thick hair is a dynamic landscape. The right haircut can transform how you feel and how you manage your daily hair routine. With years of snipping, shaping, and styling behind me, I can confidently say: Embrace your thickness, play with lengths, and always remember to enjoy your hair journey!

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SaveAsymmetric bob for thick hair with side fringe.
Instagram / @chrisjones_hair

#1 Modern Asymmetric Bob Tailored for Voluminous Thick Hair with a Side-Swept Fringe

This haircut is a modern take on the classic bob, tailored specifically for thick hair. The style features a subtly asymmetric length, shorter at the back and gradually lengthening towards the front, allowing for a lightweight feel while maintaining the hair’s natural volume. The dark, rich color is complemented by subtle layers, creating dimension and movement, and it’s finished with a soft, side-swept fringe that gracefully frames the face. For those looking to manage their thick hair with a stylish, easy-to-maintain look, this haircut is a delightful choice, offering versatility for various styling options such as straight, wavy, or tousled.

1 of 25 Photos