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21 Game-Changing Volleyball Hairstyles Ideas for Winners

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Playing volleyball means being in constant motion, diving for the ball, jumping, and executing powerful serves. Your hair? It needs to be the least of your worries. A hairstyle that can withstand this level of activity without unraveling is key. It’s not just about keeping hair out of your face; it’s about ensuring that your vision and focus remain unimpeded by stray strands.

The Basics: Secure and Stylish

Let me take you through some of my go-to hairstyles, designed to keep you looking good and playing great:

  • High Ponytail: It’s classic for a reason. Gathering hair at the crown of your head not only keeps you cool but also ensures your hair moves with you, not against you.
  • Braided Ponytail: Starting with a French braid at the crown that transitions into a ponytail is a great way to add an extra layer of security.
  • Bubble Ponytail: For a playful yet functional twist, incorporating small elastics down the length of your ponytail creates a fun, bubbly effect that’s as secure as it is cute.

Braids: The MVP of Volleyball Hairstyles

Braids aren’t just beautiful; they’re practical. They distribute the weight of your hair evenly, preventing discomfort and keeping every strand in place.

  • French Braid: This classic braid starts at the forehead and incorporates strands as you move back, ensuring a snug, uniform fit.
  • Dutch Braid: Also known as the “reverse French,” this braid stands out by sitting atop your head, providing an even tighter grip.
  • Fishtail Braid: For those seeking a bit more detail, the fishtail braid offers a complex, textured look without sacrificing hold.

Buns: Not Just a Last Resort

When it comes to active play, buns are about more than just getting hair out of the way; they’re about making a statement.

  • High Bun: By twisting and pinning your ponytail at its base, you create a look that’s both elegant and efficient.
  • Sleek Bun: Applying a bit of product to smooth your hair into a tight bun offers a sleek, no-nonsense look perfect for the court.
  • Space Buns: Why settle for one bun when you can have two? This quirky style adds personality while keeping your hair secure.

Short Hair? No Problem

Short hair offers its own set of styling challenges and opportunities on the volleyball court. Here’s how I tackle them:

  • Bobby Pins: Ideal for keeping bangs or layers out of your face, bobby pins can be both functional and decorative.
  • Headbands: A stylish way to keep even the shortest hair in check, adding both color and control to your look.

Advanced Techniques: Combining Forms

One of my favorite challenges is combining different styles to create a unique look that’s as secure as it is stylish. Imagine a double Dutch braid that seamlessly transitions into a ponytail, or intertwining twists and braids for a half-up, half-down style. The possibilities are endless, and the results are always game-ready.

Accessorizing: The Final Touch

Accessorizing your volleyball hairstyle is about striking the perfect balance between form and function. Weaving colorful scrunchies or elastics into your braids or fastening a vibrant headband can tame flyaways while adding a splash of personality to your look.

The right hairstyle not only keeps your hair secure during the most intense plays but also expresses your personality and style, making you feel unstoppable on the court. Remember, the best accessory you can wear is confidence, and with these hairstyles, you’ll have it in spades.

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SaveRaven-black hair in sleek cornrows with free-flowing length for volleyball agility
Instagram / @volly.ball18

#1 Sleek Cornrows with Flowing Raven Locks

This style sports a slick back with tight cornrows that keep hair out of the face, perfect for a volleyball player who needs no distractions. The long, raven-black hair flows freely from the braids, offering both style and function. I like how the sleek look complements athletic intensity.

1 of 21 Photos