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25 Long Hair With Undercut Pairings You Must-See

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Long hair with an undercut isn’t just another trend—it’s a statement, a piece of art that speaks to one’s personality. This style artfully marries the soft, feminine allure of long locks with the daring audacity of buzzed sections. The beauty of it? It caters to a spectrum of hair types and is an open canvas for creativity.

Fun Fact: The undercut has historical roots tracing back to the Edwardian era, where it was a staple among men. Today, it’s an emblem of boldness and individuality for all!

How to Choose the Perfect Undercut for Your Tresses

Discovering the right undercut for your hair type isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s about aligning with the texture and temperament of your locks.

Straight Hair: With straight hair, the world is your oyster. Personally, I’ve given countless slicked-back undercuts, an eternal classic. The disconnected undercut, with its stark difference between the top and the sides, also works wonders on straight strands.

Curly Hair: Curly locks have a charm of their own, but they require careful selection. To accentuate those natural twirls, the curly fringe undercut is a lifesaver, allowing length on top while flaunting those curly edges.

Thick Hair: While thick hair is voluminous, it’s also a handful. Having worked with many clients with luscious, thick hair, the textured undercut is my go-to. It brings structure without overwhelming the silhouette.

Fine Hair: A common misconception with fine hair is that an undercut might reduce volume. But guess what? With the layered undercut, I’ve added depth and dimension to numerous fine-haired clients. And the side-swept version? It’s magic for creating an illusion of fullness.

Mastering the Art of Styling: An Undercut with Long Hair

Ponytails: Having styled numerous undercuts, the ponytail remains a darling. It’s chic and versatile. Elevate this classic by opting for a side or a high braided variant. Adding waves or teasing the crown brings another layer of sophistication.

Braids: Braids and undercuts are a match made in hair heaven. My favorite has to be the French braid starting from the nape and spiraling to the side. And for those seeking a bit of flair, incorporate tiny braids into the undercut.

Top Knot: Ah, the top knot! Quick, sassy, and the perfect showcase for an undercut. Play around with messy strands around the face or even introduce braids into the knot. The possibilities are endless.

Messy Bun: For those lazy days when you still want to be the center of attention, a messy bun is your best ally. Add a few loose strands around the face or intertwine some braids, and voilà! Perfection.

A Splash of Color to Elevate Your Style

In my hairstyling journey, I’ve always had a soft corner for colors. They breathe life into a hairstyle, especially an undercut.

Bold and Bright: For the audacious souls, dive into the vibrant purples, pinks, or even blues. When I first ventured into this, the balayage technique was my favorite—it creates an enchanting transition from a bold hue to your natural shade.

Subtle Sophistication: If bold isn’t your cup of tea, there’s always the understated elegance of subtle shades. I’ve often introduced peekaboo hair or color blocking, where only the underlayer gets a hint of color, giving a mysterious yet chic appearance.

Maintaining the Art: Caring for Your Undercut

Having sported an undercut myself, trust me when I say: maintenance is pivotal.

Regular Trims: The essence of the undercut is its fresh, crisp look. I usually advise a trim every 4-6 weeks to keep it sharp.

Product Magic: Products can elevate your undercut. My essentials include:

  • Pomade: Ideal for texture and hold. I always recommend water-based versions.
  • Texturizing Spray: It adds that oomph and dynamic look to your hair.
  • Dry Shampoo: For those rush-hour days, this is a savior, absorbing excess oil and lifting the roots.
Pro Tip: When going for your trim, always have a clear conversation with your stylist. This ensures that you get the desired length and blend for your unique style.

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SaveA polished, high ponytail in honey blonde with a neat, subtle undercut at the nape.
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#1 Sophisticated Honey Blonde High Ponytail with Subtle Undercut

This sleek hairstyle sports a polished, high ponytail with an elegant, straight texture in a warm honey blonde, complemented by a subtle yet striking undercut at the nape. The undercut is neatly buzzed for a clean, understated look that adds an element of surprise to the classic ponytail. It’s perfect for anyone looking to maintain length and sophistication up top while playing with a hidden edge beneath, ideal for both a professional setting and a bold, personal statement.

1 of 23 Photos