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22 Festival Hairstyles Ideas for Enchanting Looks

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As a hairstylist who’s been part of the vibrant music festival scene for years, I’m thrilled to guide you through crafting the perfect festival hairstyle. Whether you’re planning to dance under the stars at Coachella or sway to the tunes at Lollapalooza, your hair is an expression of your style and spirit. Let’s dive into the latest trends and my own tried-and-true tips to ensure your hair is as unforgettable as the music.

Embracing the Trends: Festival Hairstyles I Adore

Braids and Braid Variations: Braids hold a special place in my heart and my toolkit. They’re versatile and timeless. This season, I’m enamored with knotless braids for their sleek look, and boxer braids for their edgy vibe. For a touch of whimsy, I love weaving in some baby braids or mini bubble braids.

Buns and Updos: I often recommend buns and updos to clients who want to keep their hair manageable yet stylish. Messy buns have an effortless appeal, but why not try space buns or braided buns for a twist? A personal favorite is the crown braid, which adds a regal touch to any outfit.

Ponytails and Pigtails: High ponytails and braided pigtails are not only practical but can be incredibly chic. Experiment with bubble braids or combine a half-up braid with a messy low bun for a playful, yet sophisticated look.

Accessorizing Your Festival Hair: A Stylist’s Secret

Adding Flair with Accessories

I always say accessories can transform a good hairstyle into a great one. Flower crowns, bandanas, and hair chains are my go-to for adding a festival vibe. For a more unique approach, consider adorning your braids or curls with rhinestones or hair gems.

Fun with Temporary Hair Color and Glitter

Here’s a fun fact: Glitter was first used in cosmetics in the early 1970s, around the same time music festivals gained popularity. Today, adding glitter or temporary hair color is a fantastic way to make your hair sparkle and stand out. Be creative with stencils or go for a full-on glitter extravaganza. Remember to choose hair-friendly products and wash them out properly afterwards.

Hair Care and Styling Techniques: A Stylist’s Perspective

Creating Texture and Volume

In my experience, texture and volume are key for a hairstyle that lasts all day and night. I swear by texturizing sprays and mousses for that extra grip. Don’t shy away from using a curling wand or flat iron to add some waves, creating that perfect beachy look.

Maintaining Your Style at the Festival

A pro tip: always carry a mini hairspray. A strong hold spray is essential for keeping your style intact, especially when you’re out dancing. Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver for freshening up greasy roots, especially if applied the night before.

For sleek updos, I rely on gels or waxes for added shine and hold. And if you’re in the mood for color, why not try an ombre or balayage? Just make sure to use color-safe products to keep your hair looking vibrant and healthy.

Final Thoughts and Style Inspiration

Remember, festivals are a playground for self-expression. Whether you choose braids, buns, ponytails, or a mix, the key is to wear your hair with confidence. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and accessories until you find the one that truly captures your festival spirit.

In my years as a stylist, I’ve learned that the best festival hairstyles are not just about following trends but about creating a look that feels uniquely you. So go ahead, let your hair down (or up!), and immerse yourself in the music and magic of festival season.

Keep exploring, keep experimenting, and most importantly, keep having fun with your hair. Your perfect festival hairstyle is waiting for you to discover it. And remember, Snazzy Lair is here to elevate your style, one click at a time.

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SaveBold pink balayage with soft waves and face gemstones, embodying festival sunset vibes.
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#1 Sunset Pink Balayage with Gemstone Sparkles

Dipped in the hues of a festival sunset, this hairstyle flaunts a bold pink balayage that makes a statement while cascading down in soft, beachy waves. It’s the gemstone-like face adornments that catch the eye, complementing the hair’s playful color and giving off that quintessential festival sparkle. The long, layered cut gives volume and movement, which I find absolutely essential for that energetic festival atmosphere where every head-turn will shimmer with color and light.

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