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23 Beanie Hairstyles Ideas to Dazzle This Winter

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As a hairstylist, the winter season is a magical time where I get to pair my two loves: cozy fashion and creative hairstyling. The beanie, a staple winter accessory, isn’t just about keeping warm; it’s a fashion statement and a hairstyling challenge. I’ve spent years mastering the art of the perfect beanie hairstyle, and I’m excited to share my insights and tricks with you.

Beanie Basics: Choosing the Right One

Before we dive into hairstyles, let’s talk about selecting the perfect beanie. It’s not just about color or style; it’s about compatibility with your hair and face shape.

  • Textures and Types: For my curly-haired beauties, a slouchy beanie works wonders, giving your curls the space they deserve. Straight hair? Go for a fitted beanie to avoid frizz. Wavy-haired folks, a pom-pom beanie adds a playful touch to your natural waves.
  • Face Shapes: Round faces are elongated with a slouchy beanie, while square faces benefit from the softness of a pom-pom. Nearly all styles suit an oval face.
  • Material Matters: A beanie’s fabric is crucial for hair health. Natural fibers like wool and cashmere regulate temperature and prevent dryness, whereas synthetic materials can lead to brittle hair.

Long Hair, Don’t Care: Beanie Styles for Length

Long hair offers a playground of possibilities for beanie hairstyles. Here’s a sneak peek into my go-to styles:

  • Braids and Beanies: Fishtail or pigtail braids peeking out from a beanie add a whimsical touch. Pro Tip: Braid your hair, then pull the braids over your head, resting them atop the beanie for a playful vibe.
  • Ponytails: High or low, a ponytail through the back of a beanie is a classic and functional choice.
  • Buns: A low bun coupled with a beanie screams effortless chic.
  • Open Hairstyles: Let your hair flow straight or with curls. Curtain bangs can frame your face, enhancing this carefree look.

Short Hair and Beanies: A Match Made in Heaven

As a short-haired stylist, I empathize with the challenge of pairing beanies with less length. Here are some of my favorite styles:

  • Bob Cuts: Keep it sleek and straight under your beanie. Side-swept bangs should be neatly tucked away.
  • Pixie Cuts: Add texture with a spray or mousse. A tousled look works wonders under a beanie.
  • Volume Tips: Use volumizing products at the roots for an extra lift before donning your beanie.

Creative Braiding for Beanie Days

Braids aren’t just for long hair. They can add a creative twist to any beanie look.

  • Fishtail and Side Braids: These classic braids work beautifully with beanies, especially when the beanie is pushed back to showcase the braid.
  • Bubble Braids: A playful and voluminous option. Pair these with a slouchy beanie for a relaxed look.
  • Braided Updos: For a more formal beanie affair, a Dutch braid wrapped into a bun offers elegance and warmth.

Keeping Your Style Intact

Maintaining your hairstyle under a beanie is crucial. Here are some of my tried-and-tested tips:

  • Combat Frizz and Static: A texturizing spray before wearing a beanie helps manage frizz. If static is your foe, a low-hold hairspray can keep hair in place without stiffness.
  • Styling Products: For beanie wearers, a lightweight texturizing spray adds grip without the grease. Heat protectant sprays are essential for those using heat styling tools, maintaining hair health and shine.
Fun Fact: Did you know that the term "beanie" is believed to come from the early 20th century American slang term "bean," meaning head?

Ultimately, your beanie and hairstyle should reflect your personality and style. As a hairstylist, I’ve seen how a well-chosen beanie can transform a winter look, adding both warmth and a touch of personal flair. So, embrace the chill with your favorite beanie and a hairstyle that speaks to you.

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SaveEffortlessly cool dreadlocks peeking from under a burgundy beanie.
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#1 Bohemian Burgundy Beanie with Peek-a-Boo Dreadlocks

Sporting a warm, burgundy beanie, the hairstyle beneath is a medley of sandy-hued, dreadlocked strands that fall past the shoulders, exuding an effortlessly cool aura. I appreciate the way the dreadlocks are partially swept into the beanie, allowing for a playful peek-a-boo effect that adds to the charm of this carefree style. The natural texture and color variation within the dreadlocks present an organic contrast to the knit fabric of the beanie, making it an ideal look for someone seeking to infuse a bohemian touch into their winter wardrobe.

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