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36 Women’s Printed Shirts and Blouses to Add a Dash of Color to Your Wardrobe

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Our gallery of womens printed shirts and blouses was made to wow you. After all, a nice printed shirt or blouse can make a difference, especially when combined with a neutral skirt or trousers. Sure, you can play safe and go for black silk blouse womens usually wear, or the womens cream shirt that will pull off a serious look, but why not go for something a little different? We are here to suggest that you can give your favorite chiffon black blouse some rest this year because of colorful chiffon tops and blouses, or other fabrics too, are in this season.

We took a look at which types of blouses shirts ladies are wearing this season and the verdict is in: womens printed shirts and blouses are the way to go! These beautifully pictured examples we picked may give you some hints on what you should be looking for when shopping for this season, but, as always, you should think of what would look great on you and, of course, your taste in fashion and what stylish means for you.

Bright colors and prints are making a significant appearance, and the sky is the limit when we are talking prints: animal prints, flowers, stripes, polka dots, you name it, we most likely picked it and had it in our gallery. Do not be afraid of mixing patterns too! When done tastefully, you can rock two different patterns at once to make a fashion stand when you go out and about! Womens printed shirts and blouses can be worn in a variety of ways because there are a lot of prints available and you can pick what matches your taste the most. We hope the photos we selected inspire you into designing your fabulous closet for this season! Go ahead and take a look, pin your favorites and share this post with your fashionista friends!

1 of 36 Photos
1 of 36 Photos